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Gentleman Jack ist ein aussergewöhnlicher Whiskey aus dem Hause Jack Daniel's. Noch heute wird er nach einem Rezept des Firmengründers mit grosser​. Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Whisky (70cl) online bei oder ihrer Verkaufsstelle günstig Newsletter anfordern und keine Angebote mehr verpassen. Versand (was aber auch ein Angebot eines mir vollkommen unbekannten Händlers ist – realistisch sind die nächsten 27,80€) auf den Tisch. Der Jack Daniel's. 50 Angebote vergleichen. 50 Angebote: 17,86 Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 40% kaufen: günstige Whisky & Whiskey bei delphinpalace. Versand innerhalb. Preise und Bewertungen für "gentleman jack" ✓ Vergleiche Produkte und finde die besten Angebote beim grössten Preisvergleich der Schweiz |

Gentleman Jack Angebot

Aktuell 32 Jack Daniel's Produkte im Preisvergleich. Zum TOP Angebot GENTLEMAN JACK,Tennessee Whiskey (1 x 70 cl, Bourbon Whiskey) (​). Gentleman Jack Double Mellowed Tennessee Whiskey für bei Manor. Bequem nach Hause bestellen oder in Ihr Manor-Warenhaus nach Wahl liefern. Preise und Bewertungen für "gentleman jack" ✓ Vergleiche Produkte und finde die besten Angebote beim grössten Preisvergleich der Schweiz |

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Neueste Schnäppchen Kommentare. Aktuelle Cashback Aktionen. Beschreibung Wie Deaktiviere Ich Blocker Bewertungen. Am Gaumen etwas ölig und trocken, anschliessend würzig und beerig mit süssen Facetten von Vanille und Karamell. Konto Meine Bar Mein Warenkorb. Lidl Insider werden und viele Vorteile sichern! Im Anschluss wird automatisch nach den Filialen in Ihrer Nähe gesucht. Abbildungen PersГ¶nliche Statistik. Achtung, selbst mit premium Versand: Lieferung: Jack Daniel's Old No. Glas Jugendschutz: Keine Auslieferung an Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren! Glas Copper Gentleman Jack Angebot

It tastes like Jack with a spoonful of honey and some sugar on top. I like it it in a proper glass with an ice ball, as a shot or mixed with what ever you like, it has a caramel oak flavor that is perfect while smooth as can be.

I hate JD straight-up, but this is my new favourite tipple. I usually go for a mellow single malt so this was a nice surprise. Didn't know what to expect as I cannot drink normal Jack Daniels strait how I like a whisky but I was very surprised at how good this whisky is, easy to drink and nice flavour.

Has become my go to whiskey since discovering it this year. Absolutely love it with an ice cube and some air. Simple, smooth, balanced, delightful.

Call me "low class", but I'll drink No. That's really something special. But Gentlemen Jack? Just don't like it, everything that makes the others drinkable is gone.

Feels like I'm drinking pot pourri. I don't like it. It's certainly much smoother than I expected and relatively simple, enjoyable and balanced.

I enjoy it neat or with an ice cube. This is a deceiving whiskey. What seems a bit simplistic at first becomes something entirely different with some air and maybe a spot of water.

Truly balanced, a bit restrained, but wonderful fruit, caramel and wood if you are patient. Perhaps GJ is missing the peat that some drinkers crave??

Window cleaner, for what it's worth. Purports to be mellow and smooth. I've never tried the regular Jack Daniels, but I surmise the bar must be quite low because this whisky is neither of those things.

There's some underlying character, but why bother when a Woodford Reserve at a similar price is so much better.

The best whiskey iv ever tasted- a nice mellow taste-- I like to chase it down with a Shock top beer -- a nice fruity taste-- I quit drinking makers mark for this whiskey-- I think Gentleman Jack is a unique whiskey-- I used to make whiskey has a kid growing in the South but this you guys make is outstanding-- keep up the good work.

I love the taste on the rocks and neat the aroma is to die for the best JD has to offer very smooth. Don't listen the haters, they only like TCP whiskey with a diesel finish.

If you like smooth, easy to drink, whiskey it's good choice. Smooth enough on it own and great with ginger ale. Horrible, doesn't even taste like whiskey.

Thankfully I only bought a small bottle for the hotel room. There are better and far more flavorful options at this price point.

At some time, I wrote a review stating that this was the worst fluid I ever tasted. Now, since friends and family are not as repulsed as I was, I descided to give it another chance after breathing in the bottle for some time.

Others in here also seem to like this so it might just be me. Even super cooled in freezer like we danes like to do with schnapps. My conclusion is this: In MY world, this is terrible unless used as a mixer.

I tried to figure out the secrets of the good reviews, but I have failed. Sorry Jack. Regular Jack is sweeter.

This to me tastes like Hennessey. No banana taste other reviews state. No Carmel A paint thinner aroma, with a full, oily, smooth texture.

A lot of banana flavour with a hint of the oak barrels it was aged in. A pleasant sipping whiskey, allow it to roll over your tongue and enjoy it!

My regular go to whiskey. A very clear and beautiful colour Whiskey. Very smooth with a hint of spice and definite tones of banana, it's an easy sipper for sure.

This is my current favorite whisky. I drink it in a mason jar filled with ice. Very smooth yet still has that classic JD flavor.

I love it I think it's a great fairly priced whiskey one of my favorites also regardless of price. Either I got three bottles in a row or it tastes bad.

It is better to mix it with any pop like Pepsi. I'll stick with jd old number 7 or number 8 George Dickel. I'm relatively new to Whiskey but I've tried quite a few in the last year.

GJ is smooth, easy to drink and I really like the flavor. I like a long pour in the evening as an alternative to having a craft IPA beer or two.

Very relaxing, taste great and less filling! Just an improvement on no. Find it really complex and alive after sipping a dram of dahlwhinnies lovely chilled out roughness beforehand.

Got me back into whisky over lager and wine atm as well so would say sound for a casual drink but nothing spectacular, as I say though, excellent casual or "every day" spirit.

Really having a hard time with the poor reviews. On one hand I'm ok with it if the demand is low the price will be too. However if it's too low and people really take these reviews as the gods honest truth we wouldn't see it on the shelves much longer.

I love this whiskey. Its so smooth. I find it best consumed on a hot day. Glass filled with ice and Gentleman poured to the top.

Swirl for a second and enjoy. Some have stated that this is an ok sipping dram. I partially bought it for that purpose. Maybe my palate is not working right, but to me, this is the worst I have ever tasted.

I have no words to describe how awful this fluid tastes. As a mixer it's a completely different animal. The sweetnes and several pleasant aromas rises when this goes into Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour or just Coke.

So three stars for it's mixing quality and minus one for the fluid itself makes two stars total. Having said that preempting someone's categorizations below I gave JD an honest try, because I wanted to like it.

I bought a sampler of No. Tasted them neat, room temperature, from a Glencairn glass. Found them all to be varying expressions of vanilla flavored superglue.

Lower abv than good bourbons yet very harsh and solventy with little flavor or interest. Even a few BIB within the price range. Jack Daniels I'll actually refuse a free dram.

Easy enough to drink straight. Very smooth, but there isn't much to it. Makes a good mixer. I'm not a fan of the black label its too sour but this is ok.

Not my first choice but fair enough for what it costs. I think it is a classical Jack Daniels except it finishes smoother and with definite vanilla scent.

Not citrusy at all. Not a fan of original jack. But I love this kind. Mixes good with cola. Very nice. If you don't like no7, you should try this one, cause it's a bit smoother and more mellow.

Flavour is simple and enjoyable. Even I'm a fan of Glenfiddich, I like this one. Tried a shot on ice for the first time, found it smooth and slightly warming.

Flavor is simple and enjoyable. Not as smooth as high end brandy per se, so it takes you back at first until you have allowed yourself to accept it on it's own merits.

Easy to allow this one as a new addition to your options list. Worth trying. A pleasant and dry palate set it apart from many of the sweeter American whiskies.

The bitter Amaro notes remind me of an Amaro Braulio. Colour: Dark golden wheat Nose: woody, oak, pine needle, smoky, caramelized sugar, very herbal and minty mouthwash , medicinal, charcoal, sweet.

Palate: Sour, semi-sweet, medicinal, oaky, sage, tart herbs, peppermint, vanilla bean, mineral notes, some faint leather, tobacco smoke, bandages, iodine, burnt popcorn, amaro liqueur, liqourice.

Finish: More sour woody medicinal notes linger on, warming, peppercorn, more amaro liqueur flavors, dry cherry, dry raspberry, faint banana, lots of mint and herbs.

Mouthfeel: Creamy, sloshy, medium body. Generally thought it was a sort of amateur Jack Daniels for those who refuse to purchase single barrel In that way you get all of taste of a no 7 with a delicate smoothness that allows you to taste the smoke oak and honey that really makes this come alive.

Above all best Jack Daniels available, whenever some place is out of Gentleman Jack they try to substitute single barrel or some other high end Jack and nothing compares.

Since I started drinking whiskey a few years ago I always like trying something new. I'm by no means an expert with a sophisticated pallet but I can tell the difference between well crafted and aged whiskey and lesser quality offerings.

I picked up a bottle of Gentleman Jack hoping for a better than average experience. The first sip was sweet with a slight smoky taste and I was pleasantly surprised, until the finish kicked in.

I keep coming back to see if I was having a bad day but nope, it's pretty harsh. A little ice cuts the burn but also weakens the sweetness.

It's probably ok as a mixer but a little pricey for that. I'm not a JD guy but I do respect their select I had this bottle sitting for over a year, don't even know what I paid for it so money wasn't a consideration in this review.

I didn't even know if this ranked above or below the JD7. So it's just a whiskey and whisky lover with willingness to like a new whiskey.

One the nose, different so I'm excited, a bit mild so I'm wondering am I missing something. Second serving I can smell some fruitiness.

On the palette, inviting at first, smooth, you can taste some extra sweetness from the caramel and the honey.

It's not smokey but now I know understand that it was the charcoal filteration that introduces another taste. After taste is bitter, disappointing, puts you off the charcoal filteration.

Neat was the best, with some water it gets worse. And I never quite enjoyed taking coke as a liquid.

In summary, I tried to like it but it just didn't impress after the second serving. I would likely never buy it again nor advise someone to do so.

For me it's a big disappointment Just bought my first bottle of Gentleman Jack and was anxious to give it a "shot", especially with all the claims of its smoothness, amazing flavor, and double mellowing sophistication.

So far I've sipped, shot, and even the cardinal sin of mixing a "premium" hooch in coke, all side by side with old 7, and heaven help me, I can't tell the difference with the lone exception of the price tag.

Don't get me wrong, it's good. I love Jack. Old 7 and I go way back. However, I don't see the point in paying almost double for, in my opinion, no difference.

As I read some of these reviews, I realize that most of the negative reviews truly have to be from people that fit into 1 of 3 categories: 1 Those who hate Jack Daniels just because it's Jack Daniels.

Now that I have that out of the way, all I can say is that I do like this whiskey, I find it to have just enough flavour to make me want to drink this neat, although my first try was on the rocks, at the end of my drink the water washed out too much of the honey flavor I enjoyed in the beginning.

It's not a complex whiskey it's just smooth and easy to drink, I think that's what has upset most of the reviewers that have given this a 1 star review, they have been so indoctrinated to believe that every whiskey out there needs to have a dozen hidden flavors and they believe they are the only ones who can determine what they are, so they drink GJ and find that there are only about 3 or 4 dominate flavors within and they call it junk because it didn't make them look like a genius whilst drinking and reviewing it.

I personally like it, I also would never compare it to my Glengoyne 21 year old and maybe slightly below say a Famous Grouse, which can be had cheaper than GJ but it's still worth the drink on a warm night neat with a nice cigar.

Bottom line, just like wine, drink what you like, not what "experts" tell you what to like! It's OK. That's about it.

Better than the muck that is regular JD. But the problem is the price tag. You pay an extra 8 or 9 GB pounds for the JD name.

That brings it down a mark. Overall nice with some ice, non complex, would go well at a BBQ where nobody knows anything about whisky.

I don't agree with mixers and spirit so can't comment on that. Marginally better than the No. Quite smooth, but pretty boring. There are better things out there for the money.

Really great flavor. On ice a a few sips from a flask it is truly a mans drink. One shot before bedtime finishes a hard day of work for every businessman.

I've had a pint bottle in the cabinet for the better part of a decade and once in a blue moon I try it again just to see if I was wrong before.

I never come back with a changed opinion. Save yourself the cash if you're not already a fan, but if you like it, different strokes for different folks.

Note that I gave a 2 star rating because there are whiskeys I like less, but at this price tag it truly deserves even lower.

Just tried my first glass neat and wow strong though I've just recently acquired a taste for Jack Daniels range. I then tried it with coke and I have to say the aroma is calming and the flavour lingers well after the glass is empty.

I'm so glad my wife bought it for me as a birthday gift. Hearty recommend it. This is a good whiskey. Some of the reviews here seem a bit odd.

This is a premium whiskey and needs to be drunk and evaluated like a single malt or what's the point?

My local whisky is Glenkinchie, an easy drinking lowland malt. GJ has the easy going smoothness of a lowland malt with something of the flavour palate of an island malt.

It's like how a soft, mellow island malt would be, if such a thing existed. This is a whiskey America should be proud of.

Also gets you drunk, nice I'm a fan of the charcoal taste, so this is some good sippin' whiskey. Excellent, best cheap american whiskey.

I generally only drink scotch whisky but sometimes need to switch it up. This is a great sweet easy drinking whiskey.

Was really hoping for something nice.. It is very smooth, but really, paint thinners. Wish I read the reviews before I wrote mine.

It really is lousy. They should not be selling it, and I love JD. Not terrible but not far off unfortunately. Had a few bourbons recently that put this to shame - Beam Devils cut, Bulleit etc.

Had a bottle for a ceremony today. General concensus was that gentleman jack has no flavor or kick.

I received a bottle of this as a present and only looked up how much it costs because I'm thinking of pouring the rest down the sink.

I am a big whiskey fan, I know this is a bourbon but I have still had some I enjoyed however I find this simply repulsive. My wife has even tried mixing it with every mixer in the house but still can't make that sickly aftertaste go away.

The good comments below sound more like an advertisement than someone who actually bought this and the bad comments confirm what I thought in the first place.

I'm going to tip the rest down the sink. Even worse than No. Paint thinner would have been a better drink choice.

Anyone scoring this highly has literally no idea about Tennessee Whiskey. I've drank too much good whiskey to drink this. I'm mad at myself for buying it.

I'm a neat freak, but I'll have to break my rule and choke it down with Mexian Coke. I did enjoy the honey rasin notesw though.

Smells like glue or paint thinner and taste like bubblegum-infused vodka. Sorry Jack When I drink whiskey--and maybe I mean Rye or a spicy Bourbon--the last thing that I look for is a healthy dose of banana that not only hits my nose, but buries my taste buds.

I drink scotch and whiskey on the rocks It's super sweet and tastes like bubblegum with some fruit mixed in. I'd compare this to one of those syruppy Samuel Adams beers, like the cherry wheat.

He must work for them. An outstanding taste which is mild enough to be served neat but also is strong enough to be a good mixer for ladies.

The smell is satisfying to the nose and pleasant to the palate. A Smooth drinking and satisfying mixture of only the best grains and Tennessee limestone water and aged in Charcoal barrels of white oak which dates back over years and twice filtered through a charcoal bed.

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Glas, 4er-Set Read more. Nachtmann Noblesse Whiskyset, dreiteilig Fr. Versandkostenpauschale 4. ÜN auf Rügen inkl. Datenschutz AGB. Zwischen den beiden Filterungen reifte der Whiskey während mindestens vier Jahren in Weisseichenfässern. Warenkorb Es sind keine Artikel vorhanden. Jul, Uhr ist das vorbei? März Das Produkt entspricht genau meinen Erwartungen! Mehrwertsteuer-Senkung ab 1. Lidl Insider Jetzt anmelden Ein Geschenk wartet auf dich! Wer bisher nur den normalen "Jack Daniel's Old No. Bei real direkt 41,95 … irgendwas stimmt da click here nicht. Da war es hier 7 Minuten zuvor erst eingestellt……. Aktuelle Cashback Aktionen. Meine Bar. Infos zu Kommentaren in der Datenschutzerklärung. Ein Zutatenverzeichnis ist nach Art. Im Anschluss wird automatisch nach den Filialen in Ihrer Nähe gesucht. Nein, Danke Ja Gerne! Im Jahrealso mit nur 14 Jahren, übernahm er die Destillerie, in der er arbeitete. Go. How Much Have Https:// Seen? A very palpable nuttiness runs through it with hints of pepper, brown sugar, maple, cinnamon and a light fruitiness to it. But I jusy love the smoothness of the gentleman jack. Wellcome Trust. I have a Single Barrel in the queue and a Barrel proof single Barrel in the queue as. Sorry Ommlett this And I never quite enjoyed taking coke as a liquid. Rate This. In Julythe series was renamed Gentleman Jack and Suranne Jones was announced in the protagonist role of Lister. Aktuell 32 Jack Daniel's Produkte im Preisvergleich. Zum TOP Angebot GENTLEMAN JACK,Tennessee Whiskey (1 x 70 cl, Bourbon Whiskey) (​). Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Gentleman Jack 40% Vol im LIDL Online-​Shop kaufen. Ihre Vorteile: 90 Tage Rückgaberecht ✓ Schneller Versand. Trotz des hohen Bestellaufkommens tun wir unser Bestes, um den voraussichtlichen Liefertermin einzuhalten. ca. 3 – 5 Tage > 5 Stück versandbereit ab. Gentleman Jack Double Mellowed Tennessee Whiskey für bei Manor. Bequem nach Hause bestellen oder in Ihr Manor-Warenhaus nach Wahl liefern. Die "Gentleman Jack"-Edition wurde zweifach mittels dem sogenannten Lincoln Country Prozess (durch Ahorn-Holzkohle) gefiltert. Zwischen den beiden. Gentleman Jack Angebot The Hollywood Reporter. Go here generally only drink scotch whisky but sometimes need to switch up. How Much Have You Seen? Flavor is simple and enjoyable. Don't have an account? The price is just right for me. Josh Peters August 20,


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